Serve in the work of God


You are uniquely gifted and talented. God has made you with a purpose. Part of that purpose is to be used in the lives of others. Just as a human body has many parts, the Spirit of God has given each of us various spiritual gifts and talents to be used to minister to each other and to those who don’t know Christ. We encourage you to step out and minister to others, both in the church and in our community. To find out where you can serve at Hope, contact Wayne at In addition, we want to equip you to help another person grow and multiply through one-on-one disciple-making.

personal outreach

Lost people matter to God. They also matter to us. Our relationship with God was always meant to be shared. Jesus’ first call to His followers was, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” He has given us His power and presence to touch the lives of others with the love of Christ. It begins with simply building relationships with those that God has already put in our lives.  We train people in how to love others into the Kingdom through our missio cohorts.  In addition, because we are committed to touching the lives of others with the life-changing power of Jesus Christ, we also host various functions like the
Alpha Course.