Have you ever seen the old sitcom “Cheers”? They got it right when they said that we all need a place “where everybody knows your name.” But unfortunately, many people experience more community in a bar than in the average church. We don’t think it should be that way. Of all places, church should be the place where we can remove our masks and live in authentic, honest relationships.


Those relationships are life-changing. When we journey together and follow Jesus, our lives are transformed by His grace and power. What can be better than doing life together with people you love while seeing God touch your life to make you to be more like Him?


But where to start? We would suggest you jump in and experience 8 things we believe that God can use to change your life. If you want to know our thinking behind those 8 experiences, please click here. Or you can just click the side menu on grow, connect, devote, and serve.

Our Core Values

You matter to God.

God longs for you to know Him more than you’ll ever know. Trusting in Jesus Christ for life and forgiveness is the beginning of an exciting adventure with God. He desires that we journey with Him as we become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

But how does a person grow as a follower of Jesus? How does life-change really happen?

There is much to be said in answering these questions. Because people are different, there are no cookie-cutter recipes. However, we believe that God’s Word tells us that there are some experiences which are important for life-transformation, both for us individually as well as corporately as a church body. We have narrowed these down to 8 practical experiences in 4 areas (Grow, Devote, Connect, and Serve). These disciplines should not be viewed rigidly since only the Spirit of God can change us from the inside out. However, we suggest these 8 things because we believe that as a person practices these things with the right heart, God will transform his/her life.

  • GROW

    • Daily Relationship with God
    • Discipleship

    • Corporate Worship
    • Corporate Prayer

    • Small Group
    • Family

    • Personal Outreach
    • Ministry