Wayne (Lead Pastor) & Ollie Okamoto

Wayne: B.S. in Biology from Penn State, MDiv. from Trinity, 19 yrs. on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ (including 3 yrs. with Church Dynamics), 7 yrs. on staff with the Village Church of Gurnee, started Hope Community Church in 2004. Loves to run & eat, fish & eat, watch college football & eat, & eat.

Ollie: B.S. in Psychology from Georgia Southern, 21 yrs. on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ (including 3 yrs. with Church Dynamics). Loves to be outside, garden, read, be with people, and experiment with cooking (did you ever have roasted kale chips?), and most of all, to play with my 3 beautiful grandchildren.

Children: Hannah, Christin, & Justin


“I’m excited to see God touch and change lives here at Hope! I’m also grateful for the wonderful community of people He has brought together. There is no greater joy than doing life together with people you love!”

Wayne Okamoto


Elder Board

Travis Brown                

Brian Clements             Wayne Okamoto


Shepherds Team (adult small group leaders):

Brian & Karen Clements         Kelly & Beth Griffin

Gary Grant    

Randy & Louise Martin

Wayne & Ollie Okamoto         

Ministry Leaders Team (leaders of specific ministries):

Beth Griffin (Discipleship)

Brian Clements (Financial Team)

Mary Skelton (Prayer Ministry)

Kelly Griffin (Men’s Ministry)

Dawn Grant (Welcome Ministry)

Karen Clements & Mellarie Now (Women's Ministry)

Lori Alcorn (Nursery/Preschool & Elementary)

Ollie Okamoto (Discipleship)

Wayne Okamoto (Small Groups | Discipleship)