What we believe

Here’s what we believe.  If you want to know more, see our Statement of Faith (summary), or if you really want to know more, read our Statement of Faith (unabridged version), and if you really want to know a lot more, read the entire Bible. It’s a great book. And we really believe it.

We believe that...

  • the Bible is God's inspired Word about Himself and about life
  • God is awesome & has revealed Himself in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
  • all of us have fallen short of what God intended and need to be restored to God
  • Jesus Christ lived, was crucified & resurrected to restore us to God
  • God's Spirit lives inside of all believers to radically transform & empower us for new life
  • the church is the unique community of the people of God who love, grow & serve together
  • we are called into God’s kingdom to have an impact on the world
  • God loves to do extraordinary things through ordinary people