Connect with the people of God

small groups

Some have said that Americans are the loneliest people on earth. We enjoy the highest standard of living in the world; however, our bedroom communities, cable TV, computers, internet, and other distractions can all contribute to a feeling of being isolated and alone. Yet life was never meant to be a “lone ranger” journey. God has made us all with a relational need to be known and to know others. We believe that the best way to go deeper in these relationships is through our small groups. In these small groups, you will experience the "one anothers" of Scripture. You will not only connect with others, but you will get to know God better as well. For a list of our small groups, please click here.



We want to leave a godly legacy. Too often, however, the family takes the back seat when it comes to priorities. Yet most of us would say that the most important people in the world are the ones in our immediate family. Therefore, spending regular time together as a family is an important core experience that we must fight hard to maintain amidst the busyness of our lives. In addition, a number of our small groups and special conferences are geared to help men and women grow in their marriages and their roles as parents and grandparents. For a list of our small groups, please click here.