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Summer Series

Proverbs: A Life of Wisdom

Webster defines “wisdom” as follows:

a) the ability to discern inner qualities and relationships, insight; b) good sense, judgment; c) a wise attitude, belief, or course of action; d) the teachings of the ancient wise men.

We all want to live lives of wisdom as opposed to living lives of foolishness, but contrary to popular belief, wisdom does not come naturally with age. Unfortunately, we all know of older people whom God Himself would refer to as a “fool.” So where do we find wisdom? And how can we attain it?

Join us on Sunday mornings as we make our way through the book of Proverbs in the message series entitled, “A Life of Wisdom”.


You can't judge a book by its cover, and you definitely can't judge a church by its building!  So when you come to Hope, be ready for a surprise!  We are located in the commercial center at 15 Commerce Drive along Center Street in Grayslake.  Next door to Great Lakes Antique Boutique 2 and across the street from State Bank of the Lakes, Hope Community Church is in a highly visible and central location for Grayslake and neighboring communities with easy access from Routes 45, 83, and 120.

The first thing you'll notice is that we are very casual and our objective is to be welcoming to all.  Hopefully, you'll feel that as you enter. 

When the service starts, you'll hear a mix of contemporary music and sometimes a selection of traditional hymns that are aimed at encouraging your heart to turn towards God.  You'll hear a message on real life issues based on the Biblical principles that God has given us through His Word.  You'll hear from real people who are also on their personal journey to know God better.  You won't be singled out or put on the spot, but hopefully you'll be challenged and encouraged as we open up God's Word each week.

We believe that Jesus Christ touches lives just as He did 2000 years ago. So, whether you are seeking to begin a relationship with God, or you want to deepen your walk with Him, our hope is that God will touch your life as He has ours. Come join us and see what He does!

For more info, contact us at or call us at 847-265-0551.

In-Person Worship Time & Place!

We hope you can join us each Sunday at 9:45 am at 15 Commerce Drive, Grayslake.  The coffee is ready at 9:30 am, so we invite you to grab a cup before the service starts.  FYI: We will have children's classes during the message time. 

Livestreaming Our Worship Service

For those who cannot or do not feel comfortable joining us in-person, we will continue to livestream our worship services.   You can join us Sunday at 9:45 am on YouTube Live (or watch anytime at your convenience)!

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(Note: The service will begin at 9:45 am, but we will begin live-streaming at 9:40 am to give you plenty of time to connect.)


Sunday Prayer & Ministry Time

Every Sunday from 9:00 - 9:30 am, we will have a time of prayer for the needs of our body.  We invite you to join us in person at church or on ZOOM. Feel free just to quietly listen, silently pray, share your requests or pray aloud for each other.  We encourage all of you to join us! 

Here’s the Zoom info: Meeting ID: 287 775 281; Passcode: 019752   Click this link to connect!