Hope Community Church
Monday, January 24, 2022


Updated 1/20/2022

As we begin a new year, we are once again faced with unsettling uncertainty.  Will COVID subside?  Will inflation continue to rise?  Will Russia invade Ukraine?  Will we continue to experience supply chain issues?  When you add our personal challenges, life can seem overwhelming.  But amidst these perpetual uncertainties of life, God wants us to live with confidence and peace.  So how do we do that?  Join us this Saturday, January 22nd, at 5pm as we begin our new series, Living Confidently as a Child of God, a study of the letter of 1 John.


In-Person Worship Time & Place!

We hope you can join us each Saturday at 5pm at Liberty Church! (1640 W Gelden Rd, Lindenhurst, IL 60046).  FYI: We will have children and youth classes during the message time.  COVID PROTOCOL: In light of Governor Pritzker's statewide mask mandate, we are encouraging everyone to wear masks.


Livestreaming Our Worship Service

For those who cannot or do not feel comfortable joining us in-person, we will continue to livestream our worship services. So join us Saturday at 5pm on YouTube Live!  Just click on this link to connect with our church's YouTube livestream (Note: The service will begin at 5pm, but we will begin live-streaming at 4:50pm to give you plenty of time to connect.)


Sunday Prayer & Ministry Time

Every Sunday from 8:30 - 9:15am, we will have a time of prayer for the needs of our body.  We invite you to join us on ZOOM just to quietly listen, silently pray, share your requests or pray aloud for each other.  We encourage all of you to join us! It will be held on the same ZOOM channel as our Sunday Zoom fellowship and service replay. Here’s the Zoom info: Meeting ID: 287 775 281; Passcode: 019752   Click this link to connect!


Sunday Zooming for FELLOWSHIP! 

Every Sunday at 9:15am, we will have a 15-minute open Zoom time for everyone at Hope to connect with one another. This will be an unstructured time to connect. We encourage all of you to join us just to say hi! In addition, for those who missed our Saturday worship service, we will replay a recording of the service beginning at 9:30am on the same Zoom channel. Here’s the Zoom info: Meeting ID: 287 775 281; Passcode: 019752  Click this link to connect!