Hope Community Church
Tuesday, January 15, 2019

God's Heart For the Racially & Ethnically Marginalized

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Every week, we hear on the national and local news about those whose lives have been tragically affected by poverty, violence, terrorism, natural disasters, racism, and disease. We can experience what some have referred to as "compassion fatigue". We know our hearts should be stirred. We know that perhaps we should do something. But the problems seem so far away from American suburbia and the root causes seem overwhelmingly large. So we find ourselves thinking "What difference could I really make? I'll let the experts who know more address those issues." But what if God intends the Church to be His vehicle of compassion and justice? What if the Church was called to be light into the darkness of the pain of those in need? What if Jesus was calling every follower of Christ to add his or her personal light, and that light, when combined with others, could have a huge impact on a hurting world? What if you and I are severely underestimating the impact that each of us could have as we tap into God's heart for the marginalized? Join us for this challenging series beginning March 12th. But be warned -- this series will challenge your heart to be broken for the things that break God's heart. You may never be the same!