Hope Community Church
Thursday, May 23, 2019

Current Series


When it comes to faith, we all have tough questions. Although it’s easier for us to ignore them and pretend they don’t exist, those thorny questions just don’t go away. So rather than stuff them, we thought it would be good to try to candidly address them. Though we can’t guarantee that we’ll address these questions to the depth you desire, we do think these messages will at least prod your thinking. So join us for this thought-provoking series!

April 28th—Why does God allow evil and suffering?

May 5th—Is Jesus the only way to God? What about other religions?

May 12th—Will a loving God send people to hell?

May 19th—What’s the big deal about homosexuality?

May 26th—Why does the God of the Old Testament seem vengeful,

while the God of the New Testament seems loving?


Sunday mornings at Lakes Community High School

1600 Eagle Way, Lake Villa, IL 60046 

Corner of Deep Lake & Grass Lake Roads

Coffee at 9:30am/Service begins at 9:45am



  Sunday mornings at
Lakes Community High School  (corner of Deep Lake & Grass Lake Rds.)
Continental breakfast at 9:30am / Worship service at 9:45am